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Gerente Cecilia Galindo

Passionate about service and dedicated to improving every day.

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A little of me

From a very early age, I learned to appreciate art in the most magical corners. The muses of the Juárez Theater, the corners of the Plaza de Paz and the aromas of the Hidalgo Market became my source of inspiration. Guanajuato, since I was a little girl, became my home, and its traditions and cultures filled me with life.

Walking through the city center was like dancing between history and modernity. The music of the Juárez Theater and the art of the Cervantino International Festival left indelible marks on my heart. My family shares this love for Guanajuato; We don't miss any party. In 2022, I had the honor of being named queen of the city, a title that allowed me to connect with many people and discover my true calling. Remembering my year as queen is reliving activities to benefit more people and all the love I put into my work.

I have always believed that we should leave a piece of our heart in every good deed.

My grandmother, passionate about the traditions of our city, always took me with her to all the events. From the International Cervantino Festival to Flower Day, I learned the importance of being present and helping others. Social service became my true calling, and every day I look for ways to simplify life for those around me.

I consider myself a bridge between different cultures, and that is why I study Industrial Relations. Connecting with and helping many people is my passion. Guanajuato is not just a city for me; It is a canvas where I write my story and find my purpose.


I am at your service. If you have any questions or suggestions about Casa de Colores, don't hesitate to tell me.

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