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Alejandró Vázquez

A passionate and skilled artist, he has made his mark in the world of woodworking and furniture design. His work at Casa de Colores is proof of his mastery and love for the exotic woods of Mexico.

An Exceptional Artist

  • Creating Organic Art on Furniture:

    • Alejandró beautifully combines form with function by creating furniture that is true works of art. He uses the best exotic woods from Mexico to give life to his creations.

    • His creative process leads him to explore remote villages, little-known mills and secluded forests in search of unique pieces. He is not afraid to incorporate cuts and fragments that others might discard.

    • Alex has a unique philosophy: “I often use small scraps salvaged from the wood pile to burn.” These unusual pieces complement his creations in a unique way.

  • Revealing the Inner Beauty of Wood:

    • Alexandró's art reveals the inherent character of wood. The pieces evolve with colors, shapes and distortions caused by drought, winds or mineral colorations.

    • His love of woodworking originated from admiring his father's work for over 30 years. He watched as she caressed the wood until it gradually revealed its hidden soul and beauty.

  • Style and Finish:

    • Alejandró has developed his own style of creating functional art. He extracts the color, texture and shape of various woods to enhance the true inner beauty of it.

    • After hand polishing to a fine natural shine, apply various oils and buff the wood to achieve a fine, long-lasting finish.

  • Exotic Woods from Mexico:

    • His furniture art is composed of some of the finest and most interesting woods in Mexico:

      • Mezquite

      • Katalox

      • Barcino

      • Bocata

      • Huizache

      • Chatek

      • Pino blanco

      • Cedro rojo

      • Tzalan

      • Banak

      • Haya alemana

      • Tampiciran

      • Ziracota

      • Caobilla

Without a doubt, Alejandró Vázquez lives through his creations, where wood comes to life and reveals its unique beauty.

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