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Environmental awareness

Sustainability Objectives:

  1. Raise awareness: We will raise awareness among our guests and collaborators about the importance of sustainability.

  2. Efficiency: We will reduce our water and energy consumption to minimize our environmental impact.

  3. Waste Management: We will increase our waste diversion rate through recycling and composting practices.

  4. Cultural Change: We will foster a culture of sustainability in all our operations and innovations.

Together, we will work towards a more sustainable future.

Our Sustainable Initiatives:

  1. Solar Energy: We use solar energy to heat the water.

  2. Natural Light: We take advantage of the natural light of the interior patio whenever possible.

  3. Efficient Light Bulbs: We use low consumption light bulbs to reduce our energy costs.

  4. Eliminate Disposable Plastic: We provide water jugs, reusable cups and mugs to eliminate single-use plastic.

  5. Purified Water: We offer complimentary purified water so guests can refill their own bottles.

  6. Responsible Recycling: We recycle paper and toner cartridges.

  7. Efficient Washing Machine: We use a water and energy saving washing machine.

  8. Outdoor Drying: When weather permits, we dry all bedding outdoors.

  9. Bill Monitoring: We track and analyze our utility bills to identify opportunities for improvement.

  10. Sustainable Innovation: We constantly seek to reduce our energy and water consumption through innovation and conservation.

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